Ontega Forex Trading: Reliable broker in Nigeria

Michael Bishop/ April 23, 2018/ Forex/ 0 comments

Whether a currency is pushing up or pushing down in value, there is always the chance for you to make money in Forex. Knowing the right time to make your movements (buy or sell) will do the trick. Here is when market analytics, indicators, signals and automated trading systems come in handy; that is where Ontega.com gave a step forward

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Forex: The Most Accessible Markets

Michael Bishop/ March 11, 2018/ Forex/ 0 comments

If you are reading this, it is because you are interested in starting to trade forex. Different traders given different reasons for why they prefer the FX markets over other markets. However, one of the most cited reasons is its accessibility. The forex market is the most accessible market in the world. You need very little capital in your account

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Ubanker: My Experience With This Broker

Michael Bishop/ December 11, 2017/ Forex/ 0 comments

I am what you call an independent trader who’s just getting started. I noticed that many of the people around me were talking about Forex trading, studying it and making a few bucks on the side through trading, so I decided to give it a try. The very first thing you notice when you set out to choose a brokering

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South Africa FXGM is Here and Ready to Win

Michael Bishop/ November 27, 2017/ Forex/ 5 comments

The forex market is a vast field of possibilities. It is the largest market and the most liquid in the world. This is a complicated area, but a professional operator can succeed in it with ease. Trades are done in less than a second; everyone can benefit if they keep track of trends. FXGM can provide any South Africa trader the opportunity to be a

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Managing Risk in Forex Market. How to Build the Right Strategy

Michael Bishop/ July 15, 2017/ Forex/ 0 comments

A strategic approach is vital when entering a trading market. Forex risk management appears to be a fundamental factor when developing a beneficiary trading strategy. When you trade without following risk management rules, you are gambling. Such approach will never let you avoid potential losses. On the other hand, the higher risks, the greater returns. The key to success is

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Advantages of the MT4 Platform

Michael Bishop/ May 13, 2017/ Forex/ 0 comments

The Metaquotes MT4 platform dominates the world of retail trading, favoured by more than 70% of retail traders. Though the platform is quite old and has technically been superseded, MT5 has really failed to take hold and the MT4 platform has stood the test of time. In this piece we will discuss some of the advantages of the MT4 platform

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Algorithmic Trading Platforms – The Basics

Michael Bishop/ March 1, 2017/ Forex/ 0 comments

If you are looking to achieve success in trading business, you should know that emotional detachment and speed are two crucial factors you need to have. You need to be emotionally detached because any emotion will affect your trading decisions and this will influence your level of success. You will also need speed because opportunities appear all of a sudden

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Trading After Trump

Michael Bishop/ February 2, 2017/ Trading Shares/ 0 comments

It can be argued that the recent electoral campaign was one of the most heated and volatile in recent memory. However, the real shock came when Donald Trump was declared the victor. Not only did this go against many professional mainstream predictions, but some feel that far more than politics alone will be affected. This is the reason why online

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Key Barrier To Stop Losing Money In Trading Forex

Michael Bishop/ January 26, 2017/ Forex/ 1 comments

If you are presently on the losing side in the Forex market then the following tips we have here might be helpful to you. Learning from the tips I found here, I would like to bring your awareness to certain barriers in trading Forex as follows. Lack of efficient knowledge Most people that come in newly into Forex don’t take

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