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Do you have a pile of debt that you are worried about? Do you think you need a personal loan to pay off all the payments that are urgent? If yes, then go ahead and take a personal loan to ease your debt issues. When you are in debt, make sure that you do not repay it by taking tons of loans. Take a personal loan in such a state when you know you can slowly and side by side repay the loan amount too. If your financial state is very bad then avoid taking a loan as you will have to repay that too. Plus, if you do miss out on any repayments, then you will be charged for it which will accumulate the total sum you owe to the bank. You will keep going through an endless tunnel of debts if you make a big mistake like this. So think twice before you take out a loan, and if you are planning on one then here are two deals that could help you out.good loan

Here are some features of the East West bank personal loan:

1. This personal loan is an unsecured consumer loan and also a non-collateralised one which is given to consumers for their personal use. You can repay the loan in a fixed monthly instalment only.
2. The East West Bank personal loan is said to have low interest rate charges, which can lower your burden of monthly instalments.
3. The bank will not be questioning as to why you will be taking the loans. You can use it for various purposes. Also, the bank has a detailed page regarding their loan details, which you must go through.
4. The minimum loan amount you can opt for is P25,000 and the maximum loan amount the bank offers is P2 Million. Yes, the East West Bank’s personal loan maximum amount is quite high.
5. The processing time of the documents and loan form is quite quick, which is up to 3 or 5 days only. You will be granted the loan amount within a week!
6. You can either head to the bank to pick up a cheque of the loan from the head office of bank else you can ask for direct deposit into your bank account. The latter option is always more convenient. Make sure you always have your documents handy. If you are heading to the bank for the cheque than to verify, your documents will be checked. Otherwise, computer checks always take place!

These were some of the key features listed by the east west bank regarding their personal loans. Let`s compare and see if Security bank has better personal loan deals!

Features of Security Bank personal loan: –

1. The Security Bank personal loan states that it is a multi-purpose personal loan, which helps customers by providing low interest options to make their repayments flexible and affordable.
2. The minimal loan amount that you can borrow from this bank is P30,000 and the maximum loan amount is P1,000,000.
3. The approval time of the loan will only take up to 5 to 7 days!
4. Apart from the above features, the bank has payment terms up to 36 months which is 3 years.
We have laid out all the important key features, now it is your turn to pick the best for your needs.

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