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In this short forex trading guide, 70trades.com will present you with a profitable strategy dedicated to beginner traders. Enormous opportunities await but it is important to first discover the secrets of good investment. One such secret is based around doing 70 trades – the holy grail of becoming a knowledgeable trader.Forex DEMO

Before You Start Real-Money Trading

Training: Before to start the 70 trades strategy,you need to acquire the right skills. Your first steps are to acquire the information and knowledge necessary to invest in online trading.

Studying the markets: once you learn the basics, the second phase is to study the markets and understand, in practice, how various financial markets work.

Free practice: now you have to put into practice all you have learned – often thanks to a demo account. That allows you to invest risk-free without a chance of loss.

Control your emotions: the psychological aspect is also crucial because even if a trader has good knowledge, the success or failure of one trade can lead to a chain of errors because of overconfidence or fear. Thus, it is essential to control any emotions, in case either case – win or lose. In this regard follow the 70trades.com tips on emotional control.

Invest following the 70 trades strategy: Once your trading sessions in demo mode have provided interesting results, and you feel well enough about your expertise, you should start investing in the market following the strategy of the 70 trading operations.

How Long Before You Start Winning – The Theory of The 70 Trades

In recent times a trading technique has been determined: the 70 trades strategy. This methodology allows to operate on the markets, regardless of their evolutions, earning consistent big or small profits.

Considered the holy grail in forex trading training, the number 70 has proven to be the average amount of trades a new investor has to make before being knowledge enough to be a successful trader. Moving out of the novice brackets, those operations are the first level that must be passed before engaging in serious, expert trading.

70trades.com promotes this strategy as it has already proven itself with many of the company’s new traders. The result of our experts’ research show that anyone looking to be successful and get good returns on their investment needs to make at least 70 trades. Becoming profitable and stable in the long-run is only achievable with constant learning, proper market analysis, good advising, and controlled emotions.




  1. Hi, the article say the truth. I followed this strategy and i started to earn money after 72 trades. I recommend 70trades!

  2. I need your advice on how to run70 trades business as a bigginer

  3. Forextradingg.net is a really good website if you want to understand trading, forex and find a good broker. This strategy of 70 trades is really interesting. Thanks for sharing

  4. At first i was not so sure about this and was scared of investing my money. But then my consultant’s confidence build up confidence in me and I did the 200$ investment. Now i am earning 60$ on daily basis and i am happy to do the trading with them. love this platform.

  5. Is there someone who had direct experience with 70 Trades?

  6. I am a 70 trades user since 1 year I can say to you that overall my experience whit this broker is fine. If you want to know something more specific just ask me

    1. Okay. How’s your experience with them? Are they do the best for you?

  7. I just started with them, I opened an account with 200$ I can’t say too much yet

  8. With my last trade I lost 150$ by chance but to be honest with the previous one I earned 570$ 😉

  9. I didn’t know almost anything about forex but now that I joined 70 trades I am learning a lot thanks their training system

  10. I opened an account with 70 Trades and the business is working 😉

  11. hi friends, do you have updates about 70 Trades in india? Thanks if you will reply

  12. Hi i am form india and i just opened an account with 70 trades india. Let’s see what will happen there

  13. I use 70 Trades and their Meta Trader 4 platform trading with currency pairs, goods and CFDs. I never had problem with that platform

  14. Their theory about the 70 trades works in a good way. My account is the best proof

  15. I really like 70 Trades as a broker. They are not like those of other brokers (I do not want to mention anyone) who call you all the time. I registered and I am investing. Is there anything else to say the opposite? No, because everything works properly.

  16. Good morning everyone, me too I was called this morning by a very kind person, now I have to decide and I will’ obviously enter with the minimum. what I wonder is this: they told me about a training period during which to gain confidence without overdoing it, and the concrete possibility of earning exists but obviously do not think about becoming millionaires in a month … from here, I wonder, the experiences negative are attributable to the fact that you do not follow the training session properly? or that you want to overdo it immediately? or why are they incompetent? thanks for everything. Laura

  17. I’ve heard of 70 Trades both positively and negatively. Check this review and the blog maybe they could be useful: https://70tradesscam.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/is-70-trades-broker-legit-or-a-scam/

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