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Warehouses can be very dangerous places filled with equipment, heavy objects that can fall or cause strain and various other hazards. Unfortunately, most tragic injuries are the result of employees not taking care when moving pallets in a warehouse.

Strains And Aches

One of the most common hazards that warehouse workers face are strains and aches as a result of repetitive motions. The injuries caused by repetitive motions usually affect the back, upper extremities and knees. The best way to train employees on how to properly pick up and carry objects is by first demonstrating the process. Then, the best way to make sure that employees avoid injuries is by observing how they lift and carry objects to make sure that they continue to follow best practices. High-Risk Warehouse Training

Preventing Machine-Related Fatalities

Warehouses often use heavy equipment that can be hazardous to employees. While your employees may already be trained on how to operate the heavy equipment, they may not be trained on how to operate it safely. By taking an advanced training course, your employees will be more likely to use best practices that will reduce the risk of injuries being suffered.

Avoiding Fires

One of the challenges with warehouses is that they often store large quantities of combustibles. To solve this problem, it is important to educate your employees on what makes a warehouse at a greater risk of a fire. One way to reduce the risk of a fire is through encapsulated storage. This involves encasing different sides of pallet with a plastic film that allows for better fire protection. This allows for products that have not yet become a part of a fire to be pre-wetted so that they are less likely to catch on fire. Preventing fires also comes down to the proper placement of different objects.

Avoiding Crushing Deaths

A common hazard for employees is objects that can fall and crush them. The best way to avoid this threat is to remind your employees to regularly be aware of their surroundings and ready to move out of the way when an object falls on him or her. Another way to reduce risk of a crushing injury is to train employees on the proper use of augers and press machines. Fortunately, through regular efforts to train your employees, you can avoid these common threats.

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