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I am what you call an independent trader who’s just getting started. I noticed that many of the people around me were talking about Forex trading, studying it and making a few bucks on the side through trading, so I decided to give it a try. The very first thing you notice when you set out to choose a brokering firm is that there are too many choices to choose from and you find a lot of contradicting reviews that want to steer you in either direction.

What I’ve learned is that you need to pay attention to certifiable facts and the opinion of professionals, then make up your own mind. What’s more, you need to take into account the experience of users who are just like you, who are just taking the first steps in the Forex trading business and who have gone through a few brokering firms and have the necessary insight to give you an informed opinion.

Another thing you find out very quickly is that choosing your brokering firm is actually quite a big deal. This decision will influence your future as a trader because your brokering platform is everything. The better the platform, the better your performance as a trader, no matter what your level is. Plus, if you choose correctly, the platform itself can be an amazing source of knowledge, information and connections that will only help you on your trading path.

That’s why today I want to take a minute and talk to you about my choice; Ubanker. I want to tell you the reasons why I chose it, which are the same reasons I don’t regret that decision to this day.

A Look into Ubanker

Ubanker is everything they promise it’s going to be. First of all, the platform is very simple to navigate and to understand. It’s responsive and quick which will allow you to keep up with the fast-moving world of Forex trading. They are also very invested in their clients’ education; they don’t only provide you with an amazing tool box for you to improve your trading skills and make sure that your investments are smart, but they also have a great source of information available for you.

What Ubanker does is create opportunity for you; opportunities to operate as a Forex trader in one of the most user-friendly platforms you’ll ever see, opportunities to reap many benefits, opportunities to learn and to have a network you can count on. They have made sure that they offer a top-notch service to traders of all levels, from beginners to experts. The goal is to make possible for you, right now, that which has been possible for all of the big businessmen and bankers from the start.

Ubanker provides services that used to be only available for big corporations and bankers and the objective is to teach you and provide you with a platform so that you can operate on the Forex market just like bankers do and get a sound financial education. Ubanker values education and that much is evident when you access their courses which range from Forex fundamentals, Forex trends, personal trainer, fundamental factors, tools and techniques and types of charts. All of these courses will only make you a better trader coupled with the amazing tools that Ubanker has to offer; which will help you navigate the volatile environment of the Forex market.

I know that the Forex market can be quite intimidating, but this is where brokers come in and that’s why it’s so important for you choose the right one. Ubanker offers bankers, analysts, trading systems and a great source of knowledge and experience to help us understand and be more and more confident in the market. Plus, they make sure you stay on top of news and relevant information that can help you make better choices when it comes to your investments.

What I like the most about Ubanker is that the customer service is just the best and they’re a registered company that can boast of many security certifications such as eTrust and they’re also certified and verified by Visa, MasterCard, SSL and Security Website which means that they take your data security and your financial security very seriously. That’s why they’ve earn such a good reputation in such little time. As for customer service they’re available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week through their live chat, phone or e-mail so you can solve any doubts, problems, leave comments or file any complaints.

I definitely encourage you to give Ubanker a shot and try out their demo accounts so you can see for yourself just how much you can accomplish and learn with their help!

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