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If you are reading this, it is because you are interested in starting to trade forex. Different traders given different reasons for why they prefer the FX markets over other markets. However, one of the most cited reasons is its accessibility. The forex market is the most accessible market in the world. You need very little capital in your account to start trading. In fact, most brokers set a minimum deposit of just US$100.

So not only in FX accessible because it has a low entry barrier money-wise, but accessibility to the markets is also extremely high. FX markets open trade 24 hours a day from opening Monday morning in Sydney (Sunday late afternoon in New York) all the way through to 9pm on Friday in New York (Saturday morning in Sydney). This means you will always find an opportunity to trade no matter what time you manage to look at your trading account.

Ireviewforexbrokers is a best Australian forex broker, offers its client 24-hour trading and 24 hour assistance. This means no matter what time you want to trade or get in contact with a client services representative you can.

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