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The Magic Number 70: How to Earn Money After 70 Trades.

Michael Bishop/ October 27, 2016/ Money/ 19 comments

In this short forex trading guide, will present you with a profitable strategy dedicated to beginner traders. Enormous opportunities await but it is important to first discover the secrets of good investment. One such secret is based around doing 70 trades – the holy grail of becoming a knowledgeable trader. Before You Start Real-Money Trading Training: Before to start

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The Benefits Traders Will Obtain From Social Trading Regulation

Michael Bishop/ July 14, 2016/ Finance, Forex, Money/ 0 comments

Over the past decade, most significantly over the past couple of years, there has been amazing amount of growth in social trading. But of course, why wouldn’t it? It really is an impressive tool. When a trader solely uses social trading for their trading transactions, the profits they have are three hundred and eleven percent higher than those who do

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Regulations of Bitcoin

Michael Bishop/ May 17, 2016/ Finance, Money/ 0 comments

The Bitcoin system is a steadily growing trend, that is becoming recognized as a top virtual currency for the world.  As a result of this growth, there also has been an increase in concerns over fraudulent, illegal use, as well as the effect it can have on taxes and real forms of currency.  Countries have begun to create ordinances and

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Financial Advice

Michael Bishop/ April 18, 2016/ Money/ 0 comments

There are many readers who take a rather dim view of how financial literacy is seriously lacking in our current society.  However, it is often easy to forget the amount of information that beginners need to learn.  The month of April is actually Financial Literacy Month.  This is something that definitely is needed as can be seen in surveys such

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Market Risks On High-Yield Bonds

Michael Bishop/ March 10, 2016/ Money/ 0 comments

Over the past several years, the Federal Reserves policy has forced investors to take on additional risk in order to achieve acceptable yields on their investments. Since 2008, yields on CDS have decreased from 5 to 6 percent down to just above zero.  This has caused investors to buy riskier and lower quality investments to try to maintain their incomes. 

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Using XFR Financial Ltd Software To Trade Forex

Michael Bishop/ February 15, 2016/ Money/ 0 comments

Undoubtedly, forex trading is extremely uncertain, but it surely provides opportunities of making large profits for those who choose to practice this trade. Of the many challenges connected with this kind of trading, the most significant are taking care of one’s portfolio and recognizing the exact time for buying and selling chosen currency pairs and thus minimizing the chances of

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Benefits Of Trading CFD Online

Michael Bishop/ February 3, 2016/ Finance, Money/ 0 comments

What is CFD trading? CFD stands for contract for difference agreement where the client agrees to exchange the difference between opening and closing point of an underlying asset. CFDs are derivatives in the financial trading field and the trader never take the actual position with the asset in the market. The CFD is just a contract between the two parties

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