If you own a Blackberry, you may be wondering if you’re missing out on all the Forex trading functionality of an iPhone or Android device. Well, there are plenty of Blackberry Forex apps that will allow you to open positions, manage your orders and analyze the markets through charts and reports. That’s right, many brokers are just as committed to supporting the Blackberry as the iPhone and Android, and have developed their own BB compatible platforms to enable you to trade on it with ease.

That said, there are many Blackberry Forex brokers out there if you really take the time to look for them, so how do you know which ones are worth opening an account with? To help you to make the best informed decision about which Blackberry Forex apps are best, we’ve done some in depth research into the available brokers out there and would highly recommend three particular brokers – Forex Yard, Oanda and GFT Forex.

Forex Yard Blackberry Platform

Forex Yard has one of the decent Blackberry Forex apps out there for the Blackberry Curve, and it’s unique in that it allows you to take advantage of the large screen of the mobile device to view more information. You’ll be able to easily place orders, manage positions and make minute to minute decisions about your trades using this powerful app. They are constantly developing this app as well, so you can soon expect to see charts and news releases being offered through the app.

Oanda FXTrade Blackberry Platform

The Oanda FXTrade Blackberry app is recognized in the industry as one of the best around, allowing you to easily control your trading activity using familiar Blackberry controls like the menu bar and trackpad. It automatically updates all charts and rates in real time so that you won’t ever have to refresh your screen and miss out on an opportunity because of that.

Oanda FXTrade’s app allows you to trade 54 currency pairs and 4 precious metals pairs including gold and silver. They fully support market orders, limit orders and stop orders, and you can opt to do one click trading if you want to. Within the app, you can easily see a full account overview including any open trades, pending orders and your account equity and available margin.

The charting functions are where Oanda FXTrade really comes to the fore. You can view charts in candlestick format in full colour, with multiple time frames to choose from. With all of this information at your fingertips, you’ll be fully equipped to make the best trading decisions and execute your trades easily!

GFT Blackberry Platform

GFT isn’t one of the top brokers that normally comes to mind, but with regards to their Blackberry trading platform it’s certainly among the best. Their app allows you to view prices for more than 120 currency pairs live, and easily buy and sell any one of these currencies directly from the same screen. You will also be able to view your full account equity, profit and loss on each position and all open and pending orders in the system.

In addition to the trade management aspect, you will also get top of the line charting functionality, including more than 13 of the most popular technical indicators, three different chart types to choose from and seven timescales that you can view your price information in. It’s unique in that it provides you with extended historical market data so that you can go back into the past and view price patterns and how they relate to today’s prices.

Finally, you’ll be interested to know that they provide complimentary real time news updates from leading news sources such as Reuters, Dow Jones Newswires and Informa Global Markets. You also get real time market analysis from Morning Insight, one of the top providers around.

All in all, I would highly recommend Oanda FXTrade and GFT in particular as the two best Blackberry Forex brokers out there. Do check them out and try out their app to see if it’s the right fit for you.